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Stories Through the Years
(5th Anniversary)

5th Anniversary

available for digital download!


Experience what our audience is raving about with this downloadable audio recording--a compilation of stories from seven of our storytelling events. Hear how the theme of the evening *sparks* a story.

Recorded on September 20, 2007 at the Santa Monica Public Library

Ed Spielman "Animals", Joel Alpers "The Day After", Ernessa T. Carter "Water", Cheyenne Rothman "Experiments", Grant Albrecht "Baggage", Tamar Brott "Invitations", Mike Lambert "New York Stories"

Jessica Tuck, Karin Gutman Orloski, Alicia Sedwick, Andrea Harmon, Dave Connaughton, Margie Carter

John Cordell (audio/video), Barbara Gentile-Crary (photos), Joel Alpers (audio), Hamp Simmons (City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs)

This event was made possible in part by the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission

Back row: Margie Carter, Grant Albrecht, Ed Spielman, Ernessa T. Carter, Tamar Brott, Cheyenne Rothman, Joel Alpers, Mike Lambert
Front row: Alicia Sedwick, Karin Gutman Orloski, Jessica Tuck, Andrea Harmon, Dave Connaughton

Family Through the Years
(10th Anniversary)

10th Anniversary

available for digital download!


Recorded on March 14, 2011 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City

Alan Bernstein, Carol Schlanger, Amy Friedman, Ianthe Mauro, Oded Gross, Antonio Sacre, Jane Barnes, Lakesha Burton, David O'Shea