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All are welcome to submit a story for consideration. If you are interested in a particular show please review the information below and the submission guidelines and then email:
Note: Be sure to put the theme of the show in the subject line.

Include a sketch of your story (1-2 paragraphs describing the arc of the story and how it changed you; what you took away from it) or the actual story if it is already written, and how you came to hear about us. We will then put you in touch with the appropriate producer.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are submitting a full story for consideration, please send it in a document NOT the body of the email. Otherwise, our email system may reject it, thinking it is spam.

Upcoming shows book well in advance, so we encourage you to contact us about your interest as early as possible. We will review all the submissions and notify you either way about your participation in the evening.

Please review the guidelines before submitting your story.

upcoming themes


November 6th - "Necessary Lies"
(Rehearsal Nov. 4th)



-must be true, first person narratives.
-must be edited for show night to be no longer than 8 minutes when read aloud  (approx. 1300 words).
-must have a connection to the theme of the evening.

-must attend the rehearsal the Saturday before the show (9:30am-12pm).
-must be open to working with the producing team, when necessary, to shape and structure their stories

It is preferred that potential storytellers see a Spark show before they perform. Priority is given to those who do. Comp tickets, if needed, are
availble upon request for booked storytellers who have not yet seen a show.

We do not permit outside audio or videotaping of Spark performances.

Please note: To ensure opportunities for new voices, we ask that our storytellers wait six months before performing again at Spark Off Rose. Occasionally, circumstances require that we make exceptions.